Your Success is Our Business

Now is the perfect time for Canadian companies to bring their products to the European Union (EU) and
Lowlands Trade Services, based in the Netherlands, is your gateway to the Food & Retail sector.

As your European partners on the ground, we handle market research, sourcing of established and reliable retail partners, sales & marketing, logistics & distribution and everything else required to introduce your products to lucrative new markets.

Lowlands Trade Services Provides:

  • Expertise: We have a highly qualified team of experts with decades of proven experience in the Food & Retail sector

  • Language: Our team members are fluent in English and Dutch

  • Contacts: Our network is extensive in Canada - including provincial/regional offices, trade commissioners/associations and Export Development Canada (EDC) - in addition to a solid retail customer base in the Netherlands.

  • Customized: With our exclusive 3-Phase Approach, expanding your business to the EU has never been easier…or more profitable!

  • Local: As your agent, we represent your brand and products in our home country. (Sales & Logistics)

Let us be your trading partner and connect you to a world of opportunity. For more information please contact us here or email us at