How we can help

Lowlands Trade Services exists to facilitate trade between North America and Western Europe and vice versa. We are primarily focused on the Food, Health & Well Being and FMCG market sectors. Lowlands has been formed by a select group of experienced industry professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience of trading within and across continents. Lowlands is ideally resourced to evaluate and implement a strategy that enables your organization to meet its export and market development objectives quickly and efficiently. We will ensure that your product will be displayed on international shelves!

What we do

Complimentary Introduction Meeting

We are available to meet with you in person or over a phone call; our introductory meeting is at no cost or obligation to you. We are eager to know the scope of your export development objectives and how we can assist you and drive new business leads your way.

Our approach is pragmatic and hands-on!

Market Research

Understanding your business objectives allows us to conduct a market and product research to produce a customized market intelligence report that highlights your products’ potential in targeted locations, market trends, product competition, and opportunities. We offer a quick scan and a full research, based on the needs.

Quickscan: Market development, Competitor analysis and pricing check

Market research and recommendation: Market Developments, Key data product group, SWOT analysis, Competitors & pricing analysis.

Customer Identifications & Representation

Through our lead generation campaigns, we will identify and qualify key decision-makers in the targeted markets. We proudly represent and promote our clients’ products and services and create product interest through various marketing and promotional strategies. Our mandate is to help our clients increase their product visibility.

We build and provide a list of pre-qualified and interested prospects and joint venture partnership opportunities for our clients in new foreign markets.



Connect & Engage

We facilitate one-on-one or virtual introductory meetings between our clients and identified new prospects that have expressed an interest in our clients’ products.

Our clients will be provided with a concise Company Profile for each of their scheduled meetings. The Company Profile will provide an in-depth understanding of the interested prospect, their company information and business activity and objectives.